Ever since Christianity appeared on the world scene, the trustworthiness and truths of its claims have been subjected to rigorous questioning and critique.

At some level this process of questioning of course never stops, even for believers, but we thought it especially important to create a venue where postgrads can explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, friendly environment — without any assumption of shared beliefs, in a setting where all views are welcomed and no questions are barred.

We call this weekly group Forum. A typical Tuesday begins with a meal at 7pm at the Parish Centre (40 Pembroke St), followed by a short presentation by invited guests and an open conversation.

Previous special events have included Os Guinness on “Unspeakable – Facing up to the challenge of evil in a world of genocide and terror.” One of last year’s highlights was the presentation by Prof John Lennox (Green Templeton). Listen to it here.